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Looking for the perfect producer?

With over a decade of music performance and production experience,
Andy is the perfect match for any artist or band looking to bring their vision to reality.


Craft new ideas including songsĀ and
album concepts from start to finish.

Bring focus to a loose concept
of a project already in progress.

Holistic album development
with the artist’s vision in mind.


Deep level orchestration,
instrumentation and arranging.

Band building and
sourcing of featured talent.

Specialized guitar
or vocal driven consulting.


Export recording operations
and project management.

Mixing for a modern audience
and variety of mediums.

Professional level mastering
and final product authoring.


Andy Altmann

Altmann Productions stands for dedicated excellence in every step of music production. From conception to completion we are focused on creating great sounding tracks. We are limitless in styles and production. Clients keep coming back because they trust in our expertise, creativity and work ethic. Our ability to nourish your musical vision into something grand is what we excell at. Call us now for a free consultation and share your great musical idea with us.

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By The Hour

Write, perform,
record, mix, engineer
  • From Conception to Completion
  • All Instrumentations
  • Pro Quality in Every Regard

By The Day

Book Andy for 10 hrs
  • All Features to the Left Included...Plus
  • Great for Recording a
    Full Band
  • Complete One Full Song
    in a Day!
  • Pro Band Can be Provided (Extra)

3 Song EP

Solidify Your Artistic Style and Talent!
  • All Features to the Left Included...Plus
  • Song Analysis
  • Lyric and Hook Perfecting
  • Band Development
    (If Needed)
  • Custom Mixing,
    Pro Mastering

Full Album

Create A Big Chapter In Your Career
  • All Features to the Left Included...Plus
  • Conceptualizing The Album
  • Pre Production
  • Pro Rehearsal Space at Below Market Price

Also Available:

  • Consultations are always free!
  • Music for Advertising, Commercials, Documentaries, Movies, Online Presence, Marketing
  • Vocal and Instrument coaching and development

Added Value:

  • Business referrals: entertainment lawyers, A&R, licensing etc
  • Need a pro space to get your band ready to record? Record your album with us and get a market low rehearsal space rate in mid-town Manhattan to develop your band.

The Producer

A producer is the link between the artist and the listening fan and as such needs to be a fan of the artists music. Trust is a big aspect of this and so it is very important to share the same vision. In these times the role of producer is more complex and involved, taking over jobs that many different people used to do. A producer is a multi-instrumental musician, engineer, arranger, composer and team leader.

The Artist

When an artist comes to me with a song idea, I look for the parts in the song that give me a big emotional impact and work out the ones that don’t live up to the same high standard. Then I look for hooks, embellishments, does the form of the song make sense. Are the verse, chorus and bridge doing what they are supposed to be doing. When it comes to recording the performance needs to be aced. I don’t believe in “we’ll fix it in the mix”. If it doesn’t sound good raw it rarely can be turned into something great with mixing tools. When I work with performers I strive on getting the best out of them. I create a vibe of “we are in this to together! Let’s create magic!!” The big emotional impact of a song can only be achieved if all parts work towards the same goal: music, performer and producer.





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